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Cash Hosting is a hosting service that respects the privacy of their customers, we are in multiple countries but mainly in Russia. We are here since 9 years, helping our customers and enhancing their privacy.

  • Not KYC
  • Instant Delivery
  • Cryptocurrencies Accepted
  • Multiple Languages Support
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Your Privacy Is Really Important


Most of abuses are treated by us, since most of things are allowed on our servers, we just answer that we can’t help.

Custom Who-is

For our highly privacy domains (open ticket) all abuses are redirected to you, your custom information are on the Whois.

Encrypted Data

All your data are highly encrypted, some of your information are even hashed (SHA512).


Finding a Way
To Serve You

Choose the service that will fit you, if it still doesn’t fits you can contact us via the ticket system.

  • Easy Use.
  • Powerful
  • Working 24/7

VPS Hosting

A decent Linux hosting service with the best uptime and bandwidth.

VPN Hosting

The best VPN Hosting service, high speed, not logged with offshore locations.

RDP Hosting

Maybe the best RDP Hosting service, default Windows Server without backdoor


Transfer or Purchase any domain you want, and keep your privacy.